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We ALL run!

We run out to the store, run the kids to practice, “I’d love to stay, but I gotta run”.  But in a deeper more spiritual sense, I think we’re all running when it come to our relationship with God.  The main question is: Are you running AWAY from Him, or TOWARDS Him.

Maybe that resonates with you.  Maybe you feel like you’ve been running from God, that the storms of your life are somehow related to that.  I want to help you find out what it means to RUN TOWARDS HIM.  To see what happens when you RUN INTO your own prejudices, but more importantly INTO GOD’S COMPASSION.

That’s a question that NEEDS to be answered.  And who better to help us answer that question than a man who was known for running.

Join us this month as we learn to run towards God from:  The RUNNING MAN.

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