This building that we love to use as our worship center, is also prone to wear and tear, and needs regular maintenance in order to meet our ongoing needs. We want visitors to see that we strive to provide excellence in the setting where we serve them and their family. So we’re working on providing a clean and safe environment for families to experience God’s grace to them. This challenge invites you to participate in the financial costs of this year’s improvements, as you choose and support one of the four designated improvement projects.

In this challenge we’re asking you go give above and beyond what you normally give to the general fund of the church.

Click on each picture to find out more about the projects.

You can give in person, by indicating your preferred project on your offering envelope.

As each project becomes fully funded, surplus donations will be rolled into one of the other challenge projects.

You can also give online, at, and indicate your preferred project on the “message” line of your email.

Thank you for joining in this challenge, and being part of the team that loves, leads, and equips people to experience God and His purpose in their lives.

To get more information about this challenge, you can contact