Point of Victory – Hold Dear – Sermon notes

The Point of Victory is when the game or battle is won, but there are still steps you need to take

God’s Victory has never been in question

YOUR Point of Victory comes down to when you decide to join God in HIS Victory

When we deal with scripture that is confusing…HOLD DEAR to what Jesus has made clear

TEXT – Mark 13

3 ways to respond

  • Ignore it
  • Obsess over it
  • HOLD DEAR to what Jesus has made clear

What would your life look like if you chose EVERY DAY to consider that Jesus is coming soon and that you need to live like Jesus is coming soon?

Jesus gave us a job = LOVE~LEAD~EQUIP

Till death do us part – Quality time – Sermon notes

EVERYTHING wants your time

“Nobody ever asks you to accomplish your priorities; they only ask you to accomplish theirs.” – Carey Nieuwhof

TODAY’s BIG IDEA: Until you see Jesus, you’re blind to what matters most

Mark 10:32-52

Open your eyes to what Jesus wants you to prioritize

In a world that will fight for every moment of your time

Are you willing to stop and ask Jesus what HE wants you to do?

  • Make the time, THIS WEEK, to read your bible, pray, join a Small group
    • Take a step in following Jesus

Till Death do us part – Cost of living Sermon notes

When choosing a place to live you want to consider the COST OF LIVING

But you also need to consider the QUALITY OF LIFE

TODAY’S BIG IDEA: The Kingdom of God has a HIGH COST OF LIVING, but there is no greater QUALITY OF LIFE

Mark 9:30-10:31

Ask yourself 2 questions:
1. Where do you want to live for eternity?
2. Are you willing to pay the high cost of living for Jesus?

THIS WEEK: In every situation, ask yourself:
“What does Jesus want me to do?”